Falling sick often? Here how your
paint might be to blame #MSpeaks

Are you somebody who suffers from low immunity? Do you find yourself on a supplementary diet of medications for unexplained reasons? Here's what you need to reconsider. The enclosed space where we spend the average day can turn toxic to your well-being without your knowledge. Painted walls emanate harmful chemicals which put you at risk for a number of diseases. Let me further clarify upon the subject as we make #MSpeaks a ritual at VR Build.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you know the confined space we breathe in is far more polluted than the air quality outside? A lot of factors are responsible for it, like building materials, poor ventilation, furniture, habits, and the interior decor of your home/office.

If you are susceptible to constant eyes, nose and throat irritation, suffer from shortness of breath or have unexplained irritability, you might be a victim of your immediate surroundings.

Our average household products such as upholstery, carpets, wood polishes, paint, textiles, insulated wires carry extremely hazardous compounds like Formaldehyde which pose short term and chronic illnesses which tend to worsen over a period of time, if unchecked.

Unfortunately, formaldehyde is a naturally occurring gas used in several interior materials which lead to a host of issues like low productivity, respiratory tract illnesses, and reproductive problems in men and women. Prolonged exposure might even be cancerous. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic compound, as claimed by World Health Organization. Thus justifying how cancer is a lifestyle disease not just caused by contaminated food or an unhealthy diet.

A healthy life is desired, deserved by all means. Our core personality and purpose of life is lost if health takes a back seat. The beauty of experiencing a joyful life perishes. Additionally, chronic health issues can be extremely expensive to protect. Take the lead and rectify your health by the choices you make today

Respisafe Paint to the rescue

Veda Realty is proud to offer the best formulation in paint, Respisafe by Colortek, an anti-formaldehyde application restores health and wellness.

The paint technology absorbs and attacks the formaldehyde build up and purifies it as harmless vapor. In addition to this innovative technology, it works as a stain resistant, antibacterial, anti- burnish, high scrub-resistant, low odor, and crack-bridging formula.

Respisafe by Colortek is known to reduce 80% of formaldehyde in the first 24 hours of application and goes on to completely eliminate it from homes and spaces.

This chemical free paint is the best choice for residential, healthcare, hospitality and commercial purposes. One need not compromise on surreal colors as it provides a wide range of stunning shades along with beautiful textures which not only enhance but also restore wellness.

As physical activity is imperative to the human body so is the quality of air we breathe in. Prevent illness and protect your family members with the Respisafe shield offered exclusively by Veda Realty.

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