The feel of elegance comes with simplicity. Marbles are stunning natural stones, each having its own unique design. The marble resurgence has had a contemporary reboot with stylists, designers giving attainable looks that are stylish, elegant and contemporary. As a material, marble is tactile and strong, imbued with both emotion and cultural relevance. It has a valuable and versatile quality, finding application in luxury interiors and modern settings.

Every Slab Has a Unique Look-

Every slab has a unique look: Marble’s use in architecture, art and design can be traced back many thousands of years to early Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. The most popular variety is white Carrara, which is extracted in the Apuan Alps in north-central Italy. Calacatta and Bardiglio marbles also are from this region, which is considered the most significant Italian region for the types and volume of marble extracted. Marble speaks to refined taste and discernment.