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Our biggest teachers are the persons we spend the maximum part of the day with. It could mean their optimism, enthusiasm, pessimism or any such trait rubs on us faster than we know. Our workspace empowers us to think, recreate or debate or on the contrary limits us if it lacks in good efficient physical design. For example, we crave work privacy or the opportunity to interact with a mentor or get too consumed/ distracted in the office noise. Additionally, the work culture lays our relationship with coworkers. Technology has given us Smartphone and smart homes; the need of the hour is smart and functional paint within collaborative spaces.

Here are the 5 reasons you need smart and functional paint:

  1. Creative sessions as a team– With Smart Paints like Marker board or Chalkboard paint, one can host creative work sessions pretty often, in a formal or informal setup. As you have the liberty to write on walls, you can note down ideas as you soon as you speak or think of it. Curate the best ideas and turn them into future business goals. This is an effective way to boost team morale and ensure a productive day at work.
  2. Review your work– Use Digiboard Projection, smart and functional paint, to view PowerPoint and Excel sheets easily on the painted walls which help in the projection of official documents. You can review it quickly just before a client meeting or take a colleague through it on your Smart Painted cum Projection Wall.
  3. Learn a new skill– If you’re brainstorming with people who possess different skill sets, you might learn a thing or two if you’re really invested in their inputs. Note it down quickly on the Smart and Functional paint in Chalkboard and Markerboard variants to never miss out on a budding new idea.
“Delegate and outsource work as often as you can to focus on your core business goals. Cut meeting time by 25% by focusing on the main discussion points and sticking to them” – MSpeaks
  1. Environment-Friendly– Get more coverage with smart and functional paint which replaces paper and cost of stationery. Save Trees our source of oxygen, improved air quality and reason for sustenance.
  2. Smart and Functional Paint –  Get your hands on Colortek’s Smartkoats Markerboard, Chalkboard, Magnetic and Digiboard paints. They are transparent, water-based, low on VOC, easily applicable and come in a wide array of colors, fitting in seamlessly with the existing or newly painted walls. Its special dry-erase coating can go on dynamic substrates like wood, metal, laminates, plaster, and existing paint.

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The newest architectural marvel is a material named Concrete. Used sparingly in garages, driveways and walkways earlier, it has graduated to mainstream contemporary spaces such as corporate offices, wellness centers, residential interiors, and retail design. Its dynamic finish finds its way on interior and exterior facades.

Entailing a fine mix of cement, water and polymer to lay down a smooth path of seamless, jointless floors and walls, as desired.
Highly Customizable
Sky is the limit when it comes to customization with Concrete.  You can choose the brightest hues to classic grey’s and whites and still be open to experimentation while contemplating quirky unseen colors.
Along with color, you can opt for a wide range of textures like glossy finishes which resemble glass, or stencil stamps to achieve the desired result.
Concrete Hack#1 – Use a shade of your brand color to connect with visitors in commercial spaces.
Vastness and Openess
Think big to get the maximum effect with Concrete. Large surface areas do justice to the seamless earthy or quirky effect. Allow some  elements of your furniture to resemble the concrete walls/floors.
Example – Add the same mix of concrete on tabletops, wash basins, fireplaces, kitchen sinks, among others.
Durable and Cost Effective
Concrete walls and floors can last you a decade if maintained as per expert advise. Regular sweeping with a mild cleanser works well to retain its natural look.
Concrete is also pocket friendly and a viable option to cover high traffic areas with aesthetics intact.
Concrete Hack#2 – Contrast is key. On grey classic concrete add the warmth of wood. On bright concrete add tones of White Veneers.
Environment Friendly and Safe 
Concrete is made with natural ingredients, dyes and paints which contain zero presence of Volatile Organic Compounds. The application securely goes up on existing surface or natural soil and prevents any form of scraping or wastage.
Additionally it is water resistant, stain resistant, and can be executed with radiant heating to maintain a warm temperature under the feet.
Concrete Hack#3 – Standing for long periods on Concrete can be tough. Consider using rugs to ease out its toughness on feet.
VR Build  are your Concrete Specialists
We visualize the best Concrete spaces and construction lending character to beloved rooms.
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Popular ways to design the modern office space – Mspeaks

Work is worship and workplace is a temple. A place we owe so much too for our daily bread, livelihood and life's purpose. A place which stirs creativity, ideas and output needs a design equally inspiring in built.

An office space does affect us psychologically, laying the path for inclusion, productivity and collaboration. If the design is seamless, stunning and comforting, it positively impacts the performance and contribution of the resources.

Create a space which represents your company and its offerings well. A backdrop to the most important developments in the organization, office design needs sustainable solutions.

Office Decor and Design Ideas by MSpeaks –

  1. Desks and Chairs – Keep a single veneer across the workstations with arm-rest chairs in sharp contrast. Allow employees to personalize their desk by giving access to whiteboards and pin boards.

Pro Tip#1 – Match the veneer with the doors to provide harmony in design.

2. Entry Lounge – Make a great lasting impression with a lounge which is warm and inviting. Create an elegant help desk with the use of Marble or Wood Veneers. Allow guests to be perched on comfortable furniture. Decorate the surroundings with show pieces which define your

company. For example, if you’re a textile company, you can hang the most gorgeous classic fabrics on walls.

Pro Tip#2 – When using Marble, less is more. Either use it minimally to highlight parts of the furniture like the reception desk or use a huge chunk of Marble Wallpaper as a backdrop

  1. Conference Room -. This place deserves a spot distant from the main work station. Beautify it with accent walls, a wall which is differently painted or textured than the rest. Ideally let it open to the city landscape or natural view to allow natural light into the enclosed space.

Pro Tip#3 – Blue is associated with productivity and rational thought. Consider using some in this collaborative space.

Color Scheme – Use your brand colors seamlessly into the decor, be it as paint, upholstery, flooring or decor. Allow your brand’s color to be seen and experienced. This will encourage employee motivation and loyalty towards the brand.

  1. Color Scheme – Use your brand colors seamlessly into the decor, be it as paint, upholstery, flooring or decor. Allow your brand’s color to be seen and experienced. This will encourage employee motivation and loyalty towards the brand.
  2. Concrete Work spaces – The natural effect of concrete which seamlessly flows on floors and walls in the ideal design for modern office spaces. There is a huge surge for concrete on interior and exterior surfaces owing to its classic appeal, highly personalized coating and fast installation.

#ProTip 4 – Brand owners can use unlimited colors and textures to their custom concrete to lay the floor for leaders, thinkers and doers.  Fuse in Gold Inlays which look fabulous when merged with concrete coating.

This environment friendly coat lets you cover, repair and renovate old surfaces without the pains of having to remove the existing floor. The finish feels soft to touch and is a feasible option given its easy maintenance and quick installation.

#ProTip5 – The joint less and seamless look of the concrete design can be contrasted with pop colors, quirky furniture and accent tables to achieve the desired contemporary look.

The concrete can be placed across floors, walls, kitchens, rooms, and bathroom to lend a single unit seamless look.

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Workplaces are nothing short of a second home, make every effort to bring in the luxuries and comfort for your most important assets.

Home is where the heart is, this saying could not have been truer. A home holds our affection, interest and involvement at all times. Like any other domestic duty, a home majorly needs good indoor air quality levels which protect the occupants against chronic illnesses. 

The purpose of #MSpeaks is to provide handy tips on maintaining and beautifying home and corporate decors. These are tips which are easy, doable and lend great decor ideas at the same time. 

1. Peace Lily














An easy to maintain houseplant Peace Lily requires very little sunlight and water for growing. This makes it an ideal choice for indoor settings, occupying any corner of the home

Pro Tip #1 –

Keep Peace Lily away from sunlight to prevent leaf burn. Place it around the main sitting area for added beauty and purification

Peace Lily, as per reports from NASA is reportedly known to eliminate airborne Volatile Organic Compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene

Caution – It can turn hazardous for pets who ingest the plant. Seek medical help if house pets suffer from nausea.

  1. Florist’s Chrysanthemum









The blooms of this beautiful houseplant will fill up your heart with admiration. It might be a great conversation starter for visiting guests too. Unlike Peace Lily, place Florist’s Chrysanthemum under direct sunlight with medium water provision.

Pro Tip # 2 –

Place it on the windows and balconies to allow a full bloom in various colors.

The plant absorbs harmful airborne chemicals including formaldehyde, xylene, ammonia, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene.

Caution – It may turn poisonous for pet dogs and cats. Ideally keep it out of their reach.

  1. Devil’s Ivy










The Devil’s Ivy houseplant is available across the globe. It forms beautiful heart-shaped leaves in white and yellow hues. Often sold in decorative hanging baskets this plant requires very little care away from direct sunlight.

Pro Tip #3 –

Devil’s Ivy is good idea for the average garden area or massive balconies where you intend to nurture the greens. Consider having it hanged in colored or textured baskets.

It effectively absorbs chemicals such as benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from interior and exterior surfaces.

NASA recommends one houseplant for every 100 square feet. Surround yourself with greens even if it means having just a couple of them. Start with a few and then commit to adding more over time. You will see increased benefits in health and strengthened immunity.

Respisafe by Colortek, exclusively available with VR Build – Veda Realty

Reconsider a paint job to completely eliminate the buildup of toxic Formaldehyde Compound, the exposure to which can cause moderate to serious health risks over a period of time.

The paint comes in varied beautiful colors and textures with several benefits of absorbing formaldehyde and releasing it as harmless vapor. It is a viable additionto houseplants for restoring health and immunity. Additionally it is anti-bacterial, scrub resistant, and odorless, anti burnish in nature. The compounds see an 80 percent reduction in the first 24 hours following its application and go on to effectively eliminate it by 100 percent.

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Falling sick often? Here how your
paint might be to blame #MSpeaks

Are you somebody who suffers from low immunity? Do you find yourself on a supplementary diet of medications for unexplained reasons? Here's what you need to reconsider. The enclosed space where we spend the average day can turn toxic to your well-being without your knowledge. Painted walls emanate harmful chemicals which put you at risk for a number of diseases. Let me further clarify upon the subject as we make #MSpeaks a ritual at VR Build.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you know the confined space we breathe in is far more polluted than the air quality outside? A lot of factors are responsible for it, like building materials, poor ventilation, furniture, habits, and the interior decor of your home/office.

If you are susceptible to constant eyes, nose and throat irritation, suffer from shortness of breath or have unexplained irritability, you might be a victim of your immediate surroundings.

Our average household products such as upholstery, carpets, wood polishes, paint, textiles, insulated wires carry extremely hazardous compounds like Formaldehyde which pose short term and chronic illnesses which tend to worsen over a period of time, if unchecked.

Unfortunately, formaldehyde is a naturally occurring gas used in several interior materials which lead to a host of issues like low productivity, respiratory tract illnesses, and reproductive problems in men and women. Prolonged exposure might even be cancerous. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic compound, as claimed by World Health Organization. Thus justifying how cancer is a lifestyle disease not just caused by contaminated food or an unhealthy diet.

A healthy life is desired, deserved by all means. Our core personality and purpose of life is lost if health takes a back seat. The beauty of experiencing a joyful life perishes. Additionally, chronic health issues can be extremely expensive to protect. Take the lead and rectify your health by the choices you make today

Respisafe Paint to the rescue

Veda Realty is proud to offer the best formulation in paint, Respisafe by Colortek, an anti-formaldehyde application restores health and wellness.

The paint technology absorbs and attacks the formaldehyde build up and purifies it as harmless vapor. In addition to this innovative technology, it works as a stain resistant, antibacterial, anti- burnish, high scrub-resistant, low odor, and crack-bridging formula.

Respisafe by Colortek is known to reduce 80% of formaldehyde in the first 24 hours of application and goes on to completely eliminate it from homes and spaces.

This chemical free paint is the best choice for residential, healthcare, hospitality and commercial purposes. One need not compromise on surreal colors as it provides a wide range of stunning shades along with beautiful textures which not only enhance but also restore wellness.

As physical activity is imperative to the human body so is the quality of air we breathe in. Prevent illness and protect your family members with the Respisafe shield offered exclusively by Veda Realty.

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