Fire is very uncertain element, it may take place anywhere irrespective of its occupancy. We can expect fire at any infrastructure can be your home, office, in hospital or in public places like plaza, malls, parks etc. Fire in any such condition can cause a severe loss for life and property.

One of the major hazards associated with fire is the toxic environment created by combustible materials, the four major risks are smoke, oxygen deficiency, elevated temperatures, and poisonous atmospheres which increases the loss of life.

In India, every year more than 25000 people die in such fire accidents.  It is estimated that about 42 females and 21 males die every day in India due to fire. According to the statistics declared by the National Crime Records Bureau, fire accounts for about 5.9% (23,281) of the total deaths reported due to natural and un-natural causes.

A common question which comes to every individual is, What should we do in any fire calamity??

  • Evacuate to a Safe Place
  • Do not use any fire fightng equipment unless you have any knowledge.
  • Leave the premises by the nearest EXIT.
  • Do not stop or return to collect any personal belongings.

According to me every workplace, home, school or any public malls should be equipped with Smoke Masks & Emergency Escape Hoods, the chances of survival can greatly be increased. Emergency escape hoods provide protection from the toxic fumes, and protect your airways from toxic smoke. This protection buys you precious time and allows you to evacuate through smoke safely.

In any of a fire accident, an emergency evacuation can be severely hampered by the smoke and fumes that are created. Highly toxic fumes created in fires can lead to serious poisoning – in fact according to recent research up to 80% of deaths that occur in fires are due to smoke inhalation.

In every organisation, adequate use of smoke detectors, fire alarms, automatic sprinklers, water mist systems, clean agent suppression system, should be encouraged, especially in high rise buildings. Passive fire protection system should have major role in fire protection.

In India, although there are many rules and regulations, codes and standards related to fire safety, these are seldom followed. According to me laxity in following fire safety measures causes major fires in many buildings.