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Unleash your superpowers with functional and hygienic Colortek Paints

How about bestowing some powers to everyone who is willing to take control of their health and work alike. While making small changes to lifestyle is commonly advised, have you wondered the impact immediate space holds on our wellbeing? We set out to do our best, but often lack energy, productivity or optimum immunity. Colortek may have answers to unexplained illnesses or low self-drive.

Colortek Advanced Paint Solutions

Imagine a responsive interior set-up that is sensitive to your needs. It works round the clock to boost your physical and mental capacity. The answer lies in something as basic as paint. Colortek has formulated a revolutionary paint that works as an agent to purify Indoor Air Quality, and prevent the onset of diseases for the occupants.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

While we dread to know about our country’s capital grasping for pure air, the same quality arises and 10x worse indoors as well. This pollution is courtesy of building materials, furniture, plywood, adhesives, insulation wires, upholstery, carpets, and even ventilation which cause this trapped air to be inhaled continually.

Now the same household materials carry in its layers a toxic airborne chemical named Formaldehyde. Generally found in pressed woods, adhesives, and resins. This compound is easily broken down in the air and when inhaled repeatedly can give rise to potential health hazards. Formaldehyde is a classified carcinogenic compound, recognized by the World Health Organization.

Over a period of time, it may cause low immunity, respiratory tract illness, asthma, skin infections, suffocation, dizziness, shortness of breath, constant eyes, nose and throat infection, low productivity, reproductive problems in men and women, in rare & severe cases it may cause cancer of the lungs.

Prevention is better with Paint

This alarming study led to the formulation of Colortek’s Respisafe range of Paints. Respisafe attacks the formaldehyde immediately after application and goes on to completely eliminating it from interior spaces. It is the equivalent of a tree emitting O2

Formaldehyde Reduction

Without having to compromise on colors or textures, Respisafe can be applied as beautifully as the average paint albeit with hidden superpowers. It releases it as harmless vapor and restores health and wellness.

Respisafe Purifying Process

The risk is all around, any space that is highly populated, or designed with poor ventilation, or overly furnished. Hence, it is important to address this pertinent issue and make every inmate aware of its potential risk.

Limitations of a Workspace

How often in brainstorm meets or reviews do we find ourselves lost for words or views which could be put forward? The lack of visual support or data makes the whole process ambiguous or rather long.

Empower your surrounding walls to project, write, and stick notes with Colortek’s SmartKoats Range of products. With its Magnetboard, Markerboard, Chalkboard, and Digiboard writing down ideas, schedules, to-do lists can change the approach to work, giving way to an open work culture which boosts productivity and learning as well as instills a sense of accomplishment.

Chalkboard Colortek

This dry-erasable surface easily blends into existing painted walls and comes out to aid workforces when required. Low VOC, water-based, these paints are fantastic durable alternatives to traditional bulky boards with dynamic applications on Tables, Desks, Meeting Rooms, Creative Room, Cabinets, among others.

Digiboard Colortek

Indian Retailers for Colortek

Mr. Mahesh Talreja, Owner of Veda Realty Pvt. Ltd. (VR Build) and the team are consistently working towards relevant architectural solutions that help the masses live an improved life. They set out to paint the Indian Landscape with the brilliance of Colortek

Concrete a product of civil engineering widely used in roads, pavements, driveways, garages, and highways; has made a grand headway into the interior design space. Its sophistication is best suited for homes, workspaces, restaurants, showrooms among others. The seamless concrete effect flows freely on Interior and Exterior walls and floors, setting a harmonious backdrop to high-traffic areas. Neocement Veda Realty is pioneering the versatile use of Concrete in any part of the Interior Design.

Customized and Green Neocement Veda Realty

Neocement is highly customizable with colors, textures, patterns lent with decorative dyes, inserts, stenciling, and stamping. The finish can be given a character of your choice alongside unlimited variations.
Neocement is handcrafted at reduced thicknesses on several surfaces namely concrete, ceramics, woods, plasterboard, masonry walls, staircases, bathtubs, showers, etc. It is applied to the existing slab thus making it a viable green effect. Hence, unnecessary construction wastage and damage to the environment is reversed. Additionally, it can be applied irrespective of the climate condition.
Neocement Veda Realty is a cement mix with blends of very low VOC water-based polymers. Posing a minimum threat to the environment with fewer emissions and hazards of scrapped wastage.

High Utility and Versatility

The concrete effect is applied at only 3 millimeters to walls and floors. It is used both horizontally and vertically and even to objects such as a stool, tabletops, kitchen sinks or bathtubs.
The effect allows for endless possibilities and practical solutions to the decor. Boost creativity and infuse the durable concrete on spaces untapped thus far. Neocement is enriched with high-quality adhesion, abrasion and compression resistance, as well as waterproof and UV resistant properties that make the remodeling much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions – Neocement Veda Realty
1. How durable is Neocement?
A professional Colortek Craftsman will apply Neocement with the correct technique and topcoat to make it long-lasting.

2. How is Neocement applied?
Neocement is applied by hand at 3 millimeters thickness. The surface is checked tested and fixed for any substrate problems before execution.

3. Is Neocement for Exteriors?
Yes, Neocement is ideal for Exterior Facades given its protective coating that makes it resistant to climate stress, UV rays, and water penetration.

4. Is Neocement suitable for residences and commercial spaces?
Neocement is made to embrace extreme wear and tear and can go up on dynamic interior settings.

5. Is Neocement okay for bathrooms?
Yes, Neocement has protective layers that make it slip-resistant and ideal for bath, shower and swimming pools.

6. Is Neocement Cold?
Neocement can be crafted on underfloor heating systems thus providing comfort and warmth to occupants who choose to walk bare feet.

7. Is Neocement Stain Resistant?
As long as the spilled liquid is not left stagnant, Neocement’s properties will work against the absorption of stains.

8. Can Neocement be personalized?
Yes, a variety of colors, textures and decorative inserts can be applied to the mix or as overlays.
Embrace the new and innovative formulation ofNeocement Veda Realty that cares for aesthetic and most importantly, the environment.

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Restoration has never been this easy and cost-effective!

The ultimate guide to Colortek Paints Veda Realty – M Speaks

Paints form the main backdrop to space and can be used wisely as part of the decor.  Choosing paint is a huge responsibility as you set the tone for the entire room, and as Colortek Paints exclusive Indian representative, Veda Realty, will aid you to think well-thought-out spaces which are all about innovating with something as versatile and as personal as paint.

Consider a durable paint which lasts you a good 5-10 years until maintenance or reapplication is required. Perform the paint job in a well-ventilated area to allow the painted surface to dry faster and effectively remove any fumes during or right after the process of the application.

Paint Hack #1 – Make an expression with paint.  Allow your personality and choices to be seen.  Do not limit your idea of paint to a favorite color; go for shades which will add value and character to your immediate space. If you wish to have a favorite color, use it on one wall also known as accent walls in varied textures or solids


What to consider when choosing paint?

If you live near industrial areas, chemical processing plants or near the coastal roads with high salinity, consider going in for protective coatings. High humid temperatures can decrease the strength of paint as well. Consider the vicinity when choosing paint.

Keep the objective clear. Know the room, the people who shall occupy it, consider your line of business and take a uniformed decision to apply something as permanent and durable as paint.

How to maintain paint?

Preserve the quality and sheen of a newly done up wall using the technologically advanced protective layers available in paint. Opt for Low or Zero VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound) which becomes a breathable gas at room temperature, stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-burnish, fire-resistant paint. This will help you extend the life of paint and save time for repaint or maintenance

Use water and a dampened rag to remove any dust or dirt from painted surfaces. Occasionally, use a mild cleanser to scrub the surface lightly. Your painted walls will be as good as new, saving you time, effort and money and preserving Colortek’s original sheen.

When should you paint?

Avoid monsoon for a new paint job as it can delay the process of drying. And even cause moisture-related problems. Wait upon extreme weather conditions or humidity. However, you can go ahead with paint at any time of the year in interior spaces except when rain is on the horizon.

Paint Hack #2 – If you’re a fan of too many artifacts and decorative pieces which often invite dust and mite and appear bulky in living rooms, reconsider and replace them with decorative paint to enhance beauty and elegance of decors.  Decorative paints are easier to maintain, easy to clean and cost-effective in comparison to too many artifacts or towering wall units.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe in a constrained environment like our homes is far more polluted than the quality of the air outside. There are several factors which add to the poor air quality woes such as Poor Ventilation, House Paint, House Furnishing, Building, Upholstery & Rugs, Plywood, and habits of the occupants such as smoking.

It is imperative to reduce the harmful impact of air with appropriate solutions. Volatile Organic Compounds are a naturally occurring chemical found in the adhesives and spreading agents of paint. Think of the annoying fumes when the painting process is on, it is the same fume which evaporates into the air and becomes breathable much after the entire process. This air keeps itself enclosed within spaces causing a number of health concerns like asthma, respiratory tract problems, constant ear, nose and throat allergies as well as serious to chronic illnesses like lung disorders, reproductive issues, kidney damage and in severe cases, cancer as identified by WHO.

In order to rectify health reconsider doing up immediate spaces, consider Colortek’s Zero VOC paints which are formulated with natural plant dyes, minerals and are mostly water-based or derived from earthy minerals. Colortek Paints is known for its no adhesive formulation which is the leading cause of VOC buildup in paints.  Grow and nurture indoor plants and ensure good ventilation with more openness.

About Colortek

Colortek has successfully begun painting the global landscape with its innovate, inimitable and advanced paint solutions.  It provides unimaginable colors, decorative and protective coatings in unlimited design possibilities for every architectural, industrial and household need.

Going beyond imagination and expectations, Colortek is set to revolutionize the way India considers paint. Veda Realty is the official provider of Colortek Paints in India. Veda Realty takes immense pride in dispersing Colortek paints that meets international safety and performance standards as well as provides comprehensive design solutions.

Colortek Decorative Range at Veda Realty Pvt. Ltd

1.) Akasan – Think of endless color possibilities interspersed with the magic of pearl and precious metallic crystals. This one is a full-blown color wall which becomes the most loved focal point of the room.


Odorless | Low VOC | Customized | Interior apt for Kids Bedroom, Schools, Colleges, Start-ups, Retail Jewellers. Beauty and Wellness Spa Centers | Substrate – Plaster, Gypsum board, embossed wall coverings.

2.) Baca – Inspired from natural pearl, Baca lends a smooth finish to walls illuminating metallic inserts in a range of colors.  Choose this natural decor theme to bring out the best spacial potential.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified | Low VOC Emissions | Custom Tints | Classy Appeal | Interior for Corporate Office Accent Walls, Hospitality, Retail Spaces, and Luxury Residences

3.) Edisso – Borrowed from natural minerals like chalk, clay, talcum, and natural resins to recreate fine minerals fused in a wide variety of colors. Edisso retains aesthetic values as well as provides thermal insulation

Water-based | Deep rich colors | UV Resistant | Washable | 100 % Acrylic | Low VOC | Interior and Exterior Paint Applications for Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, Hospitality and Wellness

4.) Floe – Add grains of sandy deserts or frosty crystals fine-tuned in color to make spaces inviting and comfortable.





















Smooth and Rough Finish | Illuminating Sparkles | Odorless | Washable | Heat-Resistant | Non-Flammable | GREENGUARD Gold Certified | Interior paint for luxury spaces in Hospitality, Retail, and Residential spaces


5.) Neocement – A highly customized decorative concrete mix for walls and floors, used to create or renovate surfaces making them joint-free, seamless and enhanced with personal choice in color, texture, glossy, stencil or stamping features as envisioned.




















Environment-Friendly | Water-based| Highly Customized | Easy to Apply | Easy Maintainance | Interior Decorative Coating apt for showrooms, restaurants, corporate offices, gyms, shopping centers, and more. 

6.) Oxyd Paint –   Create real rustic decors with effects in Copper, Bronze, and Iron. This oxidized effect is acquired by real metal particles which are tactfully aged to provide earthy backdrops.

Real Metal Effect | 3 Natural Oxidation Effects | Non-Flammable| Metallic Sheen | Low VOC | Interior Decorative Coating for Restaurants, Luxury Residences, Hotels, and Showrooms

7.) Venatta – Revel in the luxuries of exotic marble-like finishes crafted by the unique formulation of Venatta Coatings.  The fine pigment of Venatta delivers a rich look and feel of marble and precious natural stones suited for both interior and exterior surfaces.  The coating can be adapted in custom colors, shades and combinations.

Combine Venatta with Colortek’s Carrolux to obtain glossy finishes, which are water-proofed and highly resistant. The beauty of this paint can simultaneously go on floors and walls



Luxury Marble Finish | Unlimited Colors | Wall and Floor Fashion | Low VOC | Glossy or Flat Finish | Use it dynamically in temple rooms, kitchens, bar areas, bathrooms, coporate lounges, restaraunts and more 

8.) Floe Linen – For the love of fabrics, this specially crafted paint puts out the choicest linens and fabrics on the canvas of your walls in a huge spectrum of colors


Washed and Saturated Color | Low Voc | Custom Fabrics | Interior for Textile Companies, Fashion Houses, Restaurants, Designers, Showrooms and more 

9.) Respisafe

Frequenting the doctor’s clinic or suffer from poor health?

Your paint might be to blame. Hazardous airborne compounds in the average household décor carry bacteria and chemicals causing a number of chronic health problems.

Respisafe by Colortek works as a 100% Formaldehyde eliminator restoring health and wellness. Read our full Respisafe Article here.

10) Smart and Functional Paints-

Surround yourself with ideas and opportunities with Colortek’s Smarkoats Markerboard, Chalkboard, Digiscreen and Magnetic Paints.

The productive and creative synergies of your space can be retained well with the water-based application of Colortek’s Smart and Functional Paints

Consider the Smart and Functional Paint for corporate interiors, dynamic residential spaces, interactive retail, and hospitality spaces and in schools/colleges.

Read the full blog on Smart and Functional Paints here



Colortek is a certified GREENGUARD Gold Paint , a scientific proven product which is put through world’s most detailed third party chemical emission standards. This basically means Colortek is the safest eco-friendly product that aids in reduction of indoor air pollution as well as lessening the impact of chemical emissions, thus restoring healthy interior and exterior spaces.

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Our biggest teachers are the persons we spend the maximum part of the day with. It could mean their optimism, enthusiasm, pessimism or any such trait rubs on us faster than we know. Our workspace empowers us to think, recreate or debate or on the contrary limits us if it lacks in good efficient physical design. For example, we crave work privacy or the opportunity to interact with a mentor or get too consumed/ distracted in the office noise. Additionally, the work culture lays our relationship with coworkers. Technology has given us Smartphone and smart homes; the need of the hour is smart and functional paint within collaborative spaces.

Here are the 5 reasons you need smart and functional paint:

  1. Creative sessions as a team– With Smart Paints like Marker board or Chalkboard paint, one can host creative work sessions pretty often, in a formal or informal setup. As you have the liberty to write on walls, you can note down ideas as you soon as you speak or think of it. Curate the best ideas and turn them into future business goals. This is an effective way to boost team morale and ensure a productive day at work.
  2. Review your work– Use Digiboard Projection, smart and functional paint, to view PowerPoint and Excel sheets easily on the painted walls which help in the projection of official documents. You can review it quickly just before a client meeting or take a colleague through it on your Smart Painted cum Projection Wall.
  3. Learn a new skill– If you’re brainstorming with people who possess different skill sets, you might learn a thing or two if you’re really invested in their inputs. Note it down quickly on the Smart and Functional paint in Chalkboard and Markerboard variants to never miss out on a budding new idea.
“Delegate and outsource work as often as you can to focus on your core business goals. Cut meeting time by 25% by focusing on the main discussion points and sticking to them” – MSpeaks
  1. Environment-Friendly– Get more coverage with smart and functional paint which replaces paper and cost of stationery. Save Trees our source of oxygen, improved air quality and reason for sustenance.
  2. Smart and Functional Paint –  Get your hands on Colortek’s Smartkoats Markerboard, Chalkboard, Magnetic and Digiboard paints. They are transparent, water-based, low on VOC, easily applicable and come in a wide array of colors, fitting in seamlessly with the existing or newly painted walls. Its special dry-erase coating can go on dynamic substrates like wood, metal, laminates, plaster, and existing paint.

You Conceptualize We Execute Your Dream workspace, contact our Smartkoats experts

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The newest architectural marvel is a material named Concrete. Used sparingly in garages, driveways and walkways earlier, it has graduated to mainstream contemporary spaces such as corporate offices, wellness centers, residential interiors, and retail design. Its dynamic finish finds its way on interior and exterior facades.

Entailing a fine mix of cement, water and polymer to lay down a smooth path of seamless, jointless floors and walls, as desired.
Highly Customizable
Sky is the limit when it comes to customization with Concrete.  You can choose the brightest hues to classic grey’s and whites and still be open to experimentation while contemplating quirky unseen colors.
Along with color, you can opt for a wide range of textures like glossy finishes which resemble glass, or stencil stamps to achieve the desired result.
Concrete Hack#1 – Use a shade of your brand color to connect with visitors in commercial spaces.
Vastness and Openess
Think big to get the maximum effect with Concrete. Large surface areas do justice to the seamless earthy or quirky effect. Allow some  elements of your furniture to resemble the concrete walls/floors.
Example – Add the same mix of concrete on tabletops, wash basins, fireplaces, kitchen sinks, among others.
Durable and Cost Effective
Concrete walls and floors can last you a decade if maintained as per expert advise. Regular sweeping with a mild cleanser works well to retain its natural look.
Concrete is also pocket friendly and a viable option to cover high traffic areas with aesthetics intact.
Concrete Hack#2 – Contrast is key. On grey classic concrete add the warmth of wood. On bright concrete add tones of White Veneers.
Environment Friendly and Safe 
Concrete is made with natural ingredients, dyes and paints which contain zero presence of Volatile Organic Compounds. The application securely goes up on existing surface or natural soil and prevents any form of scraping or wastage.
Additionally it is water resistant, stain resistant, and can be executed with radiant heating to maintain a warm temperature under the feet.
Concrete Hack#3 – Standing for long periods on Concrete can be tough. Consider using rugs to ease out its toughness on feet.
VR Build  are your Concrete Specialists
We visualize the best Concrete spaces and construction lending character to beloved rooms.
Give us a call on 9819512377 / 9823812377 for your custom concrete floors and walls.